Is COD: 4 Remastered worth buying still?

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A simple question: I'm planning on trading in WWII (for reasons im sure most of you unserstand), I am really considering getting MWR to replace it. Is the playerbase still active? Is content (events, 2x XP, gamemodes, etc.) still added? Any opinion is greatly appreciated, preferrably from someone who owns MWR. Smiley Happy

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I just started playing this week after getting it as a holiday gift and am pleased to say that I've been able to find plenty of matches. The Standard Team Deathmatch playlist seems well populated and I haven't had issue finding games in the Standard Domination, Kill Confirm, Ground War, or the current Weekend Warfare (2x XP) mode Demolition; however, the team balance hasn't been ideal in many playlists (blow-out matches) that's not the standard Team Deathmatch playlist and I'm pretty sure that has something to do with the population numbers. I haven't tried the Classic playlists yet nor the Hardcore playlists either. I stopped playing CoD titles ever since Black Ops II (didn't like it) which might mean that I missed out on a decent title with Ghosts (I heard good and bad things), but I haven't had any interest to return to the franchise until MWR was announced so I was highly anticipating the moment it would be released as a stand alone game. I also ended up picking up a copy of WWII over the winter holiday season too just because I supported the return to boots-on-the-ground game-play and haven't minded it as there are numerous things I like, but there are also things that annoy me such as the limited number of included maps (many of them on the small side) since I'm not interested in paying the ridiculous price for the season pass; plus, I miss having a Ground War or 9 vs 9 mode (I don't know why War hasn't been made a 9v9 mode).

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