MW Remastered Needs a Refresh

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I am a huge fan of COD MWR and was a fan on Xbox 360. It’s the only game I play. 


I cant help but think it’s going to get lost unless a big refresh update is issued with perhaps new weapons, different attachments, new maps, maps where night vision is essesntial, larger maps, newer game modes etc. 


DLC maps never ever appear for the duration since I bought them!


attachments such as the ones in the campaign should be available?


This is is the best game ever to have existed, let’s update it and keep people interested!


A getting bored, COD fan!



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Hey there EdwardGoulden,

Please be sure to leave your feedback using the following link:

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Best regards. ^JW

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I read online MWR was proposing a “regroup” map pack and large update? Is there any news on this? The game is seeing fewer players every week which is terrible HC modes are all under 5% due to low numbers.

New maps, different attachments, game modes all need updating please. HC S&D amazing game mode!

Hope you can do something about this.

Thanks. Ed
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