Multiplayer menu bug: frozen

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Same here, even got a new disc direct from Activision thru their warranty but no luck. same problem exists Smiley Sad

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I have the same exact problem, that is still not fixed. Although if you have someone invite you, then you can still get on and play. Just don't back out to the main menu.

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Infinite warfare works perfectly, but the only reason I purchased the game was so I could play Cod 4 remastured, and of course it doesn't work. I've had the game for more than a week now, and everytime I press multiplayer in the main menu it goes to the multiplayer menu then no buttons work. I've deleted and reinstalled twice, cleared my cache about a million times, restarted my mode, restarted my xbox, called microsoft and did everything they told me to do and they told me to go to activision. I did that and they told me to fill out a bug report and they'd "keep me updated" through e-mail, but of course they haven't messaged me since. Extremely frustrated that I payed $86 and can't even play the game. This is ridiculous. Anybody know a way to solve this?


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Same here. Worked fine for a month now locked up. Did you ever find a fix? 

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Remove the Guitar hero USB sticks and should work after a restart of the game

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This worked for me! Thanks!

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