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Has the player base actually got that bad? I am even struggling to find a game of standard Team Deathmatch.

I'm fairly sure I've got good internet, as I never seem to lag... But is there a setting to open up the potential games I could play?

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The Same problem is happening to me. The only game types I have success joining everytime are kill confirmed and domination. TDM takes awhile but you will still find a match.. I need to complete challenges for headquarters and sabotage and havent been able to find a single person to join my lobby and havent played  a single game of those 2 gamestypes since I bought the game a month or so ago.. im suprised the player base is so low.. I thought it would have brought back alot of old school gamers and With ww2 coming out pretty quick its a good way to get back into boots on the ground combat. The game is wicked and way more realistic. Most players are sick with the infinite warfare disease and im sure it will stay that way till ww2 comes out.. 


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See, I'm struggling to find Kill Confirmed, which is what I wanna play!

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Do you have the Map variety pack add on? if so try uninstalling it as many players may not have that and that sttops you being matched with players that don't have it.


I can't say I've struggled to find a game of hardcore TDM (there is only 14% of playerbase in Hardcore) and I don't have the variety map pack.


I know when I downloaded BO2 that had the DLC installed and had to uninstall to find games easier.

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Ya, i dont know if my game is broken or what, but im on steam, and i cant find a single game. not even tdm. i let it sit for an hour and it still says no games found. I cant belive that this game is that dead

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I have same issue on xbox one x. All ports are open, fixed ip with dmz, nat open and still same problem: no games found.

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