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I wanted to post this here to get the word out to all you other players - I recently bought Infinite Warfare with the MW Remastered DLC code. This code was set to expire on 11/04/2021, as listed on the package. However, after conferring with Sony after an error, I found out the code had expired on 11/09/2018. I asked Activision for help, as their code was faulty, and was told by 5 different employees that this was "not their problem." The code was not redeemed, it wasn't a scam, it's a brand new game in packaging, but the code simply isn't functioning properly, and the owners of the game told me they refuse to help me. I was ignored and had my chat abruptly closed by 5 employees. This is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with and I encourage all of you take this into account going forward.

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C'est une mauvaise histoire, j'espère que tu as trouvé une solution.

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