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Community Spotlight - BrainDead6666

Each month the Community Spotlight showcases a member of the Activision community who is supportive, friendly and makes the community a better place for everyone.

The Activision Community Team chooses the Community Spotlight recipient, and the beneficiaries of this honor are featured within the community and given an incredible Care Package for their contributions. 

This month we have the honor of presenting a well-known, informative, helpful, and long-standing member of the community as our choice for the spotlight: braindead6666.





Q: Tell us about yourself and what you do outside of the community?

A: Well, my names Ed, I'm a 52 years young Navy vet and married to a wonderful woman for 16 years. We have two girls, 13 and 10 and they both game. The 13yr old is into sports, but the 10yr old is most like me; if we aren't doing anything important, then we go gaming. She's a Minecraft fanatic. I also own a retail pool and accessory store in the greater Houston, TX. area. We've been open now for ten years. Previous to that, I worked in the business for 16 years for a pool store chain in the U.S. southeast. I guess you could say; I do pool stuff.

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of the gaming community?   

A: COD is my number one hobby without a doubt. But my next biggest hobby would be off-shore fishing. I usually go out for Yellow Fin Tuna, but I'll fish for anything if the water is blue. I took my oldest out with me two years ago. She loved it, and she looked like a real pro out there. At school that year, she wrote a paper on the "Fishing Trip with Daddy." When I read that paper, I found tears in my eyes. My wife teared up too. My daughter had captured on paper, without any input from me, why I love to fish offshore. It was the most wonderful thing to find out that she feels the same way. She gets it, so I guess she gets me.

Q: What kind of parent do you find yourself being in relation to your daughters and gaming?

A: That's a good question: What about the kids? It's a question that every parent who games and whose children are actively engaging in a gaming dynamic has to ask themselves. Last night my young'un came to me and asked me if she could download Sonic Dash and Crossy Road. Now I know what those games are, but I asked her: "Is there anything in those games that you would think I might not like?" She thought about it for a minute and responded with what I thought was the perfect answer: "No Daddy, I don't think so, but if I see anything bad I'll come ask you about it." I think that's the way you have to be with kids today. As Ronald Reagan once said: "Trust but verify."

Gaming online opens kids up to many things, both positive and, unfortunately, negative. My little one is always online playing Minecraft and Roblox with her friends. It's fascinating watching her with an I pad, a laptop, and a phone playing games and face timing all her friends at the same time.

My approach to her gaming will be and has been, a touchy-feely one. I'm going to watch her and guide her through these formative years with an open, honest dialogue about gaming. Hopefully, in the next few years, she and I will be teaming up together, and she can show me how to "pub-stomp" a COD lobby. But, if she stays with the Minecraft and Elder Scrolls type games I'll still be right there with her. I can tell "The Bug" is strong in that little one. And I should know, being one of the afflicted myself.

Q: You have been a part of the forums for a long time, since 2014, but you still help out in support often and stick around for discussions. What keeps you coming back to the community?       

A: Simple. It's the shared interest in COD and gaming issues in general. The COD community is a great breeding ground for ideas. It's a way to share those ideas with people who have a common interest. In reading some of the threads, I often find myself discovering that some of my convictions need to be challenged and possibly adjusted. The Forum is a perfect place for that. Because I respect the people here, the debate and the idea sharing is usually very enlightening. It seems that many of our "COD" and "gaming" issues can be closely tied directly to our unique and individually held thoughts and beliefs. I find that without new ideas being presented and shared among people, things can tend to get stale and out of touch. In addition to that, I have met people here who I now consider friends. Some of whom I game with pretty regularly (iHattoriHanzo0, MindSpazms, bighead14701, SweatDragon, and TOXIC JERMS). It's a great way of staying in contact with them. Even if it's just a comment on a thread, it's a way to see that they are still sucking air, so to speak.

Q: What was your most memorable discussion when helping someone in the community?   

A: Oh my, there has been many, but I would have to say the discussion in the AW forum about skill based match making. That's where I met nuttin2say, gotsomestars, and oRLs_317o, and a bunch of other very smart and skilled people who put their all into the thread. I would say that my friend, nuttin2say, put so much work and effort into that discussion, that I still try to live up to the standards he set. I usually fail, but I'm still trying. That particular subject brought so many other minor topics with it to the forefront. It still exists today in some form or another. It was the one discussion in the community that just about everybody had an opinion on, and they were willing to talk about it.


Q: You always seem to have positive, helpful, and informative advice for people in support topics, so do you have any tips or pointers for other community members looking to help out?  

A: Sure, just to be yourself. Don't be shy, try not to be rude or insulting, and voice your opinion freely. Participate at every opportunity, especially in threads you find interesting. I feel that you get out of the Forum what you put in. If the energy going in is real, then good stuff will result. When you think about it, where else can you find people who are as nuts about COD as you are, are willing to share ideas about it and have an open discourse about it? I would say the Forums are here for us COD lovers to use so we should use them to the fullest extent.

Q: What's your favorite non-Activision game?  

A: Other companies make games? Right now it would be Battlefield 1. I don't play the MP, but I love the campaign and doing the challenges. Halo is always right up there with BF as well, and I am a big Elder Scrolls guy.






Q: What would you say is your greatest achievement as a gamer?   

A: Figuring out how to log on. No? Ah? Getting a kill? I am not a good "at the game" gamer. Funny story, I got my gamertag when I got my first hand-me-down Xbox360 from a friend who played COD MP. He was trying to explain how to do simple things like getting an account, signing up with Activision and Microsoft, and how to get all the accounts tied together so we could play COD Ghosts together. After me trying to work my way verbally through all those hoops, he said to me, in a loud voice: " Are you Braindead, or what?" I knew right then I had my Gamertag figured out, and the rest is history. We still game together now and then, but he has mostly moved on. But I'm still here. So I guess my greatest achievement as a gamer would be "gaming stamina." I'm a patient "grinder" who won't go away.




Congratulations BrainDead6666!

Thank you for being a part of this community and for letting everyone in it know a little more about you, your life as a gamer, and what makes you a great member of this community!

-The Activision Community Team


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