MW Remastered - 4 player split screen or not?

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Two player split screen let’s my play with only one Xbox live account 

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Is it possible to do a split screen offline for modern warfare remastered for Xbox one? If so, how?? 

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did you ever figure out how to do split screen offline on Xbox one?

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Is Call of duty modern warfare remastered 2 player in local play ?

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You can not playera four player local on one concole. I know is totally sucks. I bought the game thinking you could but after talking  to someone at Activision you can only play four player if you use two consoles and do a split local. I am mad as all get out but that's the way of things. Activision screwed us out of four player local when they remastered it.

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Mw4 Will ever support 4 players split screen on local?

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they shouldnt advertise it as 4 player with poor info like that, it needed to be made clear that it would only be 4 player local split screen over two consoles, FALSE ADVERTISING, theres advertising standards issues with this game (at least in UK anyway)

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It doesn't support 4 players split-screen on the console at the moment, but we are requesting it and they probably will revamp it like in BO3

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For you're information. They will never release any current or future COD 4 player splitscreen, because they would lose revenue by doing so. That way they would force you to purchase another copy or more, depending on you're setup. 

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