Possible Derankment and unable to synchronize with COD MWR Servers

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Recently after playing a game, I was 9th prestige level 19. Soon after the game, it kicked me out of multiplayer and stated that An error occurred while synchronizing your profile with Call of Duty MWR Servers. I then went back in to multiplayer and saw that I was level 1 9th Prestige. I proceeded to play a game, where i ranked up in said game, and then after the gane the same thing happened and I was kicked off and reset back to level 1. AFter further investigation in the barracks, the meter where it stats how much XP is needed to gain a level was like -4.256e84..../4000 or something like that. I was wondering if i somehow got reset, or its just a server connnection error when my interenet works for all other  acccounts. Unsure, any help would be great! 

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Did you fix the Problem ? I dont know what to do 😣

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an error occurred while synchronizing your profile with call of duty modern warfare remastered servers





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