why do not you find game in pc?

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I try to play and never find a game, I wait until hours

Is there a dedicated server?

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Hello, are you still having this problem or has it been resolved? Sometimes not being able to find matches in multiplayer can depend on what region you are playing the game in. Some servers may be slower than others, or may not have as many players overall. I would suggest restarting your router and checking your NAT type to make sure your internet connection is fine.

If you need any other suggestions, I would suggest speaking to Official Activision Support via live chat. They will be available in about 40 mins.

https://support.activision.com/Contact_Us <-- Contact Us (live chat, available 11AM PST - 7PM PST); https://twitter.com/ATVIAssist <-- Twitter; https://www.facebook.com/ActivisionAssist?fref=ts <-- Facebook

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