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Giants used in Swap Force have errors in Giants (Wii-U)

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Giants used in Swap Force have errors in Giants (W...

We purchased Skylanders Swap Force for Christmas and have enjoyed the game very much. We have completed the story mode a couple of times under several profiles and many of the figures we own have achieved levels between 10 and 20 and have had all of their skills upgraded. We purchased all 8 of the Giants and in Swap Force they all have been completely upgraded and have level values over 10.

I purchased  a copy of Skylander Giants on eBay last week and received it today. We can't get most of the characters in our set to work with the game. We have several of the smaller characters form the Giants series and were able to get Slam Bam to work. We were pleasantly surprised to see that his upgrades and level carried over from Skylanders Swap Force. However, that leads me to wonder if the characters that will not load into the game correctly (mainly the Giants themselves) are having problems because their level may already be higher than what Skylanders Giants allows. Is this a possible cause for those characters having errors that won't allow us to use them?

If so, is the only answer to reset them back to what they were like out of the box? If so, that's extremely disappointing as we do not want to lose the abilities in Swap Force that we spent many hours building up.

Thank you for your feedback.

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