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Skylanders Giants Wii-U Version using Wii Portal of Power

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Skylanders Giants Wii-U Version using Wii Portal o...


I have pre-ordered a new Wii-U system.  I am looking at getting the Wii-U version of Skylanders Giants, but I was wondering a couple of things.

I would like to know if I have to buy a starter pack for Wii-U that includes the Portal of Power if I already have Portal of Power for Wii.  I would also like to know (and hope) if you updated the Portal of Power to using a USB cable so I don't have to keep supplying batteries for the Portal of Power.  If the new Wii-U version Portal of Power plugs into the USB port and uses the USB to power it (like the XBox 360 verson), I would definately appreciate that.

Just let me know.



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Re: Skylanders Giants Wii-U Version using Wii Port...

in reply to jlscool

Hi Joe,

As far as I'm aware the Wii U version of the game only comes in a Starter Pack (with wired USB Portal which is powered from the Wii U) image-> .  Nothing stops you from using your old Wii portal with the game, but know that in theory the batteries will drain faster if you use Lightcores and Giants (as they are powered by the Portal).

I'm just a fellow fan

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