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Skylanders should have online gamplay

Skylanders Giants Forum

Skylanders should have online gamplay

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about some possibilities about online mode for the Game Skylanders Giants.

Two ideas came to my mind, the first one is the obvious, online arena battle mode. Simple, start the game, select arena battle,then select online, the game is looking for an opponen. You can chose the battle type (Normal or ring out etc...) and some setting like best of 3/5/7. Tag team deathmatch (you chose 3/4/5+ skylanders and the first to kill the enemy team win.

The second idea was a League of legend game mode. For those who dont know about League of legend its easy, 2 teams of 3 or 5, there each team have a nexus to defend and there is 2 or 3 patch to reach them and there is  3 towers defending the lines, you need to destroy the turret with the help of your team's minions to destroy the enemy nexus. I think that would be great.

The LoL mode came to my mind when I strated to look at my Skylanders in the League of legends'way

here is what I saw about some skylanders.

Tank: Chop chop, Slam bam

Ranged Carry: Flameslinger, Shroom Boom, Jet Vac, maybe Pop Fizz and Trigger Happy

Junglers: Stealth Elf, Voodood, Terrafin, Chop chop.

I'd like to have your opinion and if you have more ideas about it feel free to share your ideas.

Sorry for the bad english, its not my main language Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Skylanders should have online gamplay

in reply to Philelectric

I think online play is the way to go you spend all that money on all the stuff just to have sleep overs,come on how many parents want half the block over to play your kids stuff. At least they could do is co op online play or battle friends thats how microsoft does it.I love the game industry but they got us by the balls.Why do we spend for xbox live and the game says on the back xbox live on it and then you cant play online??????...How ever the game itself is still very good and i like it pluss i am 36 years old kid with a 9 year old son.,lol.Hopefuly next time they will get it right.

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