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I cannot retrieve my game

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I cannot retrieve my game

hi! I'm playing Skylanders Lost Islands for almost a year. Yesterday, when i opened the game, a question appeared asking for my age. after that, i was transferred to a new game. I tried following the procedures (which was posted on your website) but to no avail. Can you help me with this one? I don't want to restart playing this game. Thank you.


Level 30 (40-50% to level 31)

money: 1,400,000+

gems: 8-10

skylander: around 30-45

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Re: I cannot retrieve my game

in reply to Jp1107

Hello Jp1107,

Very sorry to hear about your issues with your Lost Islands account. In order to further look into this matter for you, I will need the following information:

•Activate Name

•Real world currency invested

•Other than Ramses, is anything else missing from your account

•Activate Name

•Real world currency used on account

•Level before/after the reset occurred

•Device being used

•Date the issue occurred

•Game Version



ATVI Support

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Re: I cannot retrieve my game

in reply to Seanicus23


thank you for your reply. Here are the details:

Activate name: jpthegreat0711

Real world currency invested: none

missing from account: just my saved game

real world currency: none

level before and after: level 30 (40-50% to level 31) after i received the question regarding my age, the game started to level 1 with no characters

device: ios7

date the issue occured: nov. 1

game version: latest 1.7.0

is there a possibility i can still retrieve my game?



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