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I have lost all my data too

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I have lost all my data too

After waiting until 9pm for Birthday Bash on Nov 1 I deleted and reset my game, asking for my progress to be transferred so it wouldn't be lost. I was given a secondary warning that my progress would be lost, so I assumed that when I reloaded the game I would still have my level 12 skylanders and all the progress that entailed. I don't. When I tried calling customer support, I was connected to a company that sold real estate because apparently you don't have an international customer service number and don't advertise that the number is only for the U.S.

I want my game back or at least the gems I bought and the 600+ wish stones I accumulated (to say nothing of the alter egos I have already won in my months of playing the game). I can provide the order number for all in-app purchases but many of those were hidden specials so I would have gotten more gems at the time. It is a substantial list so I would prefer not to list it in the forum. I would have preferred to broach this entire thing as an email but I can't find the means to do that.

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Re: I have lost all my data too

in reply to rasalhasue

Hello rasalhasue,

Thanks for taking the time to post! I am very sorry to see you have been reset. In order to further look into this matter for you, I will need the following information.

  • Activate Name
  • Real world currency invested
  • Other than Ramses, is anything else missing from your account
  • Activate Name
  • Real world currency used on account
  • Level before/after the reset occurred
  • Device being used
  • Date the issue occurred
  • Game Version




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Re: Re: I have lost all my data too

in reply to Seanicus23

My activate name is Rasalhasue and I play Skylanders Lost Islands on the iOS system through iTunes On my iPad.

The issue occurred on Friday 1st of November. Birthday Bash did not show up in my wishing well though it had on my brother's iPad. I deleted the app and reinstalled but my progress saved to the cloud did not carry across. I was on level 30 (possibly 31) but was reset to level 1.

I had purchased:

1 sack of gems for AU$15.99

9 buckets of gems totalling AU$49.41

8 piles of gems totalling AU$15.92

2 piles of gems 2 totalling AU$1.98

2 single skylander bundles totalling AU$8.98

Therefore I would have spent approximately AU$92.28.

Five of the buckets of gems were bought during the swap force special when it was offering 600 gems rather then the regular  275. As stated in my previous message I have retained the receipts detailing the order numbers and issue dates to verify these claims if needed.

I am unsure of what skylanders were bought with the two level up specials but I have lost

alter-egos: autumn stump smash, fireworks Zook, skeletal Cynder, grill master chop chop, hoppity pop-fizz

sidekicks: whisper elf, terra bite.

Other skylanders: star strike, gnarly tree Rex

Thank you for looking into this matter

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Re: Re: I have lost all my data too

in reply to Seanicus23

Can I please get an estimated time for when this will be resolved? If I am not going to get my gems back so I can replace my shrines and restore my wish stones, or preferably have my real progress restored, I want to delete the game so I can at least get the space back on my iPad.

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