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Link Problem

Skylanders Lost Islands Forum

Link Problem

I just used a code to link the enchanted star strike that i own in the lost islands but a normal star strike was summoned. I linked a enchanted hoot loop and it turned ok.

Support team is there a glitch on the app? How can i link my enchanted star strike if the code on it was just a normal star strike?

Can you provide a replacement code for my enchanted star stike?

Level 1
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Registered: ‎22-02-2014

Re: Link Problem

in reply to LuckRockDtek15

It´s unfortnate that it happens but sadly it does sometimes. Try to logg out and close down internet and start the game without internet and close it again and then start internet and logg in again.

Level 2
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Registered: ‎24-04-2014
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