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Re: My game won't download

Skylanders Lost Islands Forum

Re: My game won't download

My son is also having this same problem and I have tried all of the above mentioned solutions he was also around lv 36 and has spent over 100.00 dollars in gems and had approx. 2000 gems unspent he's playing on the original iPad and it's been updated to the latest iOS. He had all 85 or so of the skylanders up until the swap force updwell and all were lv 12 as well as having most all of the companions including limited time ones and #1fans etc. his log  in info is *Email Removed By Moderator*

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Re: My game won't download

in reply to Smie83

Hello Smie83,

I have created a new forum thread for your specific issue. Also, I have already taken down your email and have removed it from you post for privacy reasons. Now, can you please let me know what the Activate account name is. Also, can you verify for me what game version you are currently running? If you are unable to check in game what version number your on, just let me know if you are able to see Swapforce characters in game as that indicates its the most up to date version.



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