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Lightcore Chill is not detected.

Skylanders SWAP Force Forum

Lightcore Chill is not detected.

Hey there,

I just wanted to ask if there is a fix to my issue. I've got Skylanders Swap Force for the PS4 and I've been enjoying it throughout. Only thing is that I've got a lightcore Chill figure, which my game is not detecting at all! Every other figure I've got is working fine besides this one. On the packaging I saw that the figure is compatible with Giants and Swap Force so it must be fine right? I am sorry if there is a fix to this, but I haven't been able to find anything so far!

Thank you in advance,

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Re: Lightcore Chill is not detected.

in reply to xmikomix

Hey xmikomix,

The figure is compatible with Swap Force only, for more information, please see the compatibility chart: Activision Support.

In regards to your figure not being recognized, have you tried using different section of the portal? Does the figure still light up?



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