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Question about this "hotfix"

Skylanders SWAP Force Forum

Question about this "hotfix"

Hey there.

I may or may not get a legitimate answer, but I figured it's worth a try to ask anyway. So I got my copy of Swap Force for the Wii back in december, but recently I've started to have the game freeze once every time I play it. It's starting to get annoying for me, and I've already tried a couple things that didn't fix it (switching resolution to 480p and keeping my portal about 6 feet away from the Wii) The next time I play I'm going to try and free up 1500 blocks to have it download the "hotfix" that supposedly fixed the freezing, but I need to know a couple things about this first:

  • First of all, does the hotfix get applied through a Wii update or when you start the game? I say this because I have a modded Wii and doing a system update could cause it to brick. So I'm hoping that it's not an update.
  • Secondly, if the hotfix is downloaded through the game, after it downloads, do you still need to have 1500 block open for it to work or can you move things back to the Wii memory where they were?

Thank you. I hope that I can get these two questions answered.

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