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Re: My Wii SWAP Force game keeps freezing. Anyone else having this same problem?

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Re: My Wii SWAP Force game keeps freezing. Anyone...

I Am having same problem time in game is random. People on portal at time random. Portal not near anything else. Started with game on wii system thought maybe it was our wii, so bought a wiiu same problem. Returned disc and was give replacement wii Disc still same problem. Not hook or hooked to internet still same problem. Getting through levels after redoing multiple times.

Now encounter problem in ice area on rainbow road throw snowman parts, target, still going round and round, can jump up and down just can't get off.

Game getting very frustrating between freezes and glitches. Please help.

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Re: My Wii SWAP Force game keeps freezing. Anyone...

in reply to Ladyboojumhunte

Hi Ladyboojumhunter,

We appreciate you taking the time to post.  I've moved your post into a separate discussion to avoid any confusion with another user's discussion.

Can you please provide more details of the issue you are having?  Please specify what occurred with both the Wii & Wii U version of the game.  If you can recall, did you encounter the same issue with Chapter ll Winter Keep on the Wii version or just on Wii U.

The more details you can provide will help greatly.

Regards ^AH

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