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Wii U issues?

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Wii U issues?

Bought this for my son for Wii U. The volume does not work in game mode but works fine on the Wii U homepage. Also had to download a ton of software and when we put a figure on the portal it recognizes it but goes to a stats page and a timer starts. How do I get this working? Do I have a back unit? My son was begging for this for months and now he cant even play it.

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Re: Wii U issues?

in reply to owensdad

Hi, you are probably just looking at the Gamepad instead of the TV?

The standard option after game start is dual mode for the Gamepad. In this mode the sound is only played on the TV and the Gamepad shows you the stats, quest objects and likewise, meanwhile the game itself is displayed on the TV screen.

You can change it to play on the Gamepad only, when you press + on the Gamepad go in options->Gamepad Play-> and select Gamepad only.

However I would suggest to do this only after loading your current save file, as otherwise you may encounter a bug wiping out you collection achievements, if you use the option from the main menu just after game start.

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