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Skylanders Spyros Adventure - Figures stopped working

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Forum

Skylanders Spyros Adventure - Figures stopped work...

The warranty return section of the Activision website relating to Skylanders figures does not work. It keeps returning you to the start. I see from posts many have experienced this over many months.  The website support is more than unhelpful - I can't get through.  I've posted the problem with warranty return as feedback but no reply from Activision. I intend to raise with trading standards.

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Re: Skylanders Spyros Adventure - Figures stopped ...

in reply to skyander123

Hi there, skyander123!

We're sorry to hear about the troubles you've experienced with the site. Let's see what we can do to assist you! Which Skylander figure are you experiencing trouble with? Which platform are you on? When and where did you purchase this figure?



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