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Alternate Costumes


Do you think there will be any? If so which would you like to see?

UPDATE: Check out which Alternate Costumes have been revealed on the HeroHQ Blog!

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I hate to say this. But I don't think they are going to have alternate costumes on this game. I could be wrong though.

If they do have alternate costumes all I want them to have is the regular costume.

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Hey greginator, it was revealed at E3 that there were going to be alternate suits, and I even heard that you can play as stan lee.

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they do have alternate costumes one for beating story mode one for getting 100% completion one you start off with and the rest for taking pic of spidey symbols

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I hope not the costumes are one of the things that make a game seem cooler than it may be.

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What would be really cool is if Beenox took the extra step and made a "movie version" of different spidey suits to fit the game's setting/theme. I would want to see Spidey's FF, black suit, and Shadows of Night- err... New Ultimate Spider-man costumes.

Normally for a movie game I'd say there'd be no costumes, however Beenox seems to love to put them in, so it's very likely that there will be.

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i think it would be cool if they added a dlc that had all the shattered diminsion spideys just for the heck of it. i would really love to see 2099 spidey in this game!!

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Well the folks in charge here haven't confirmed or denied the existence of bonus costumes as of yet, but I have a feeling they are in there. And I'd put even money that all of the costumes that we saw in Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time are in the game. Slightly retextured so they fit within the games engine, but in there nonetheless.

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The only alternate costume I need is the ends of the earth costume

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can you get me a picture of that? Seems interesting

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