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Alternate Costumes


i don't know about you guys, and they probably won't have it, but i think a Sam Rami spiderman suit would be AWESOME.

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I use xbox so I don't know much about texmod other than I'm stuck with a purple symbiote suit in web of shadows instead of a real black suit and I'm jealous of the PC guys who already modded the new amazing suit in that game and made a carnage suit. If there was an in game menu that gave players that kind of freedom to modify the suits in the game or make totally new ones would be so badass. If that can't be done then I think it would be safe bet that a large portion of the suits mentioned above would be released as DLC.

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OH YEAH!!!heres my list

1.scarlet spider

2.spider man unlimited




btw this is just wut i hope there r

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i would love if they put the spiderman 2002 costume in the alternate costumes that would be awsome!!

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Top 15 Spiderman alternate costumes i hope are in the game:

1. Scarlet Spider

2. Spider Carnage (Ben Reilly)

3. Black suit (doubt it though)

4. Miles Morales Costume

5. Unlimited

6. Spider Armour

7. Iron Spider

8. 2099

9. Animated red and blue costumes and others

10. Vigilante Costume

11. Peter Parker

12. Spidey costume with no mask

13. Noir

14. Future Foundation

15. Mangaverse spiderman

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Is it weird that I'd like to play as Peter Parker Casual? I think it'd be nice to play as Peter Parker because I like the idea of playing a guy who is just playing around with his new-found powers. Not a superhero. Just a guy having fun.

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You are not alone. I remember going inside the Daily Bugle A LOT in SM2 and 3 just to be Peter Parker once in a while. If they release a Peter Parker DLC with a Peter skin and maybe add a few new things (mini-games such as going to a date with Gwen -> swing there as Spider-Man and walk around as Peter; if that isnt in the game already) it would surely sell like hell. I would PAY A LOT for such a DLC (even if it just adds a Peter skin where citizens dont recognize you as Spider-Man etc).

One can dream, right?

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if you want to do that sort of thing, buy Ultimate spiderman (ps2) and once you complete most 'trick races' you unlock 2 character costumes-:a wierd bug guy that takes the piss out of spidey, and a peter parker wearing a hoody, but then again, on web of challenges in EoT if you get a costume key you can get peter in the bonus gallery or even better... finish EoT and you get the CEO battle suit and the CEO civillian

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Dee Brown said at E3 that there would be a lot of alternate costumes that have never been in spiderman games before. Still keeping my fingers crossed to see a spiderman unlimited costume!

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I am not even gonna buy this game if they don't put a AMAZING SPIDER-MAN costume. Lice the one in Shattered Dimensions it was the best Spider-man I have ever seen in a game. He was muscular like the real spidey. The EOT, WOS, S3, all those Spider-men were crap.

I really don't like to play with other Spider-men like Noir, 2099, ultimate, ben reilly... Because of the other spider-men I didn't like Shattered Dimensions so I used Texmod to play as AMAZING in every dimension.


Then I would pay any price for this game. Then there would finally be a good Spider-man game. The last good one was the one on the PSone.

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