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Alternate Costumes


sorry for this being so late but I just read that so here is a link if you still need it

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Most likely, Beenox will add realistic looking costumes. With the other two games Beenox has made for spider-man, I'm pretty sure they will be generous enough to give us some cool costumes to show off to the public, in the game.

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i'm not really  bothered about costume unlocks now.

after playing Edge of Time, I grow sick and tired of costume unlocks O_o.

it's like you want costume unlocks, then the dev gave you all you can eat and you just puke all the costumes/food out:/

so basically I'm fine with the native costume, pretty sick.

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Alternate costumes are confirmed!

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in reply to PhantomKiller11

As for trying or not trying to unlock the costumes there should've been a way to determine where certain items are for the unlock to work. I'm just saying for those younger players out there trying their hardest to find everything and claim a 100% victory for everything, I've just got to say is where is the beenox building? I can't find it, do you have an aerial view image of the city that could be emailed to me? I'm gonna buy the guide anyway if I can't help my nephew find the building so that his bragging rights are intact for a 7 yr old. Thanks

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near times square-ish. Beenox is written in blue.
-AQ skip to 2:05 to see the map of where the building is. This doesn't show the location of the costume on the building. I did that so he could watch without it being spoiled.

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i hope the costume that is included is: the scarlet spiderman (if they dont include that i will be SO dissappointed) i have ALWAYS wanted to play as scarlet spiderman free roaming around the city! and some from the other spiderman games (black suit etc.)

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I'm sure that they will. Every Spider-Man game that has had the alternate costume unlocks, always include the Scarlett Spider. With that said, this is shaping up to be the best Spider-Man game out there.

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I love to alernate costume thay be awesome to be in this game

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I don't think the Symbiote costume will be an alternate suit because, sence they will make future Spider man films, I'm sure they will save the suit for that.

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