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Alternate Costumes


I'd -love- to see a Scarlet Spider skin like the one for Edge of Time

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Awesome news guys on PC i just unlocked Future Foundation but white version not black i wonder what costumes will be different from x360 and PS3 version too.

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They are all the same, you dont get any special costumes.

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If you say so but as long as i know Future Foundation has in the X360 and PS3 version reversed color it is more black then original white but in the PC version this costume is white.

X360 and PS3:

And now PC:

As you can see in PC version it has original color that is why i wonder if all other costumes are the same or not in colors.But maybe you mean that you have them all on PC and you seen them dunno.Also in PC version there are no emblems in the city no even if you change date costumes are unlockable by doing side missions.

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how exactly did you get the amazing spiderman pc version, it isnt out yet?

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It is out an it can be activated via Steam you can bought retail version and activate it with cd-key but it is not in Steam store yet still you cna activate it and play it and get achievements.

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i liked always alternate costumes bcz it is good to change always

dainik bhasker

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Costumes for Next Game:

  • Superior Costume- claws and tech
  • End Of Earth Suit
  • Spidey 2099-claws
  • Miles Morales- venom sting
  • Future Foundation
  • The Movie Suit- glow up web shooters
  • Big Time- bullet proof, invisible( great for stealth)
  • I dont know the name but the suit that he was wearing when he was trainging for The Way Of The Spider.

All The Costumes Should have their own powers and abilities and some should have their own combat scheme that you could upgrade.

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