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Alternate Costumes


in reply to Eddie_Brock_VEN

This costume or nobody gets my money

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in reply to Eddie_Brock_VEN

Doesn't that reason not to but this game seem petty to you?

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Someone suggested "reboot versions" of popular costumes. I like that idea because it sucks to see the same costumes over and over again. We always get the same few anyway. However, getting textured modern revisions of these suits would be cool and creative.

Like how would Black Suit Spidey look in this movie's universe? Or how would Marc Webb have designed the Scarlet Spidey costume? Maybe instead of a plain red suit with a light blue hoodie, maybe the hoodie would have pockets and other details, and be darker blue. Maybe spidey would be wearing cargo shorts with it? Etc.

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Do you really think we will see a black suit? I'm pretty certain we will see the symbiont in a sequel, so I doubt Marvel/Sony would allow Beenox to include the black suit.

Well maybe they add a classic version for the sake of it, but I doubt it.

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In the game, I would like to see the following costumes:

1. The Red and Blue Costume (from the raimi films)

2. The Spectacular Spider - Man Costume (from the T.V. show)

3. The 60's Spiderman Costume (from the T.V. show)

4. The Scarlet Spider Costume

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The ones I want most are 2099 and scarlet spidey, like most of us. It'd be pretty cool if they had symbiotic spidey but I find that highly unlikely considering the symbiote hasn't been introduced yet and they might use it in the films to come. Looking forward to the alternate costumes

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I hope there will be many more like the one in shattered dimensions and edge of time

I would truly like this costume to be in

If not I hope they make DLCs

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I would like to see the new-spiderman costume from the ultimate universe.

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Hey check this video out Dee Brown says himself that there will be other costumes at 11:46

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To be honest, I want the alternate costumes to do something other than looking different. For example, the Unlimited suit would let you turn invisible, or the Spider Armor (MK II, maybe?) letting you take more damage. I doubt they'll include this, though.

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