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Alternate Costumes


Batman Arkham Asylum / City = CLASSIC comic costume = EPIC AWESOMNESS

The Amazing Spider-man = CLASSIC comic costume = EPIC AWESOMNESS

I really don't give a damn about those lazy movie costumes. Like in the Rami's movies Spidey says he sawed(nit) his costume by himself YEAH RIGHT! Raised silver webbing = CRAP, rubber-ish costume

If Garfield says the same this I will laugh so hard (basketball costume = rubber like)

For me the best Spider-men were: - Spidey from the PSone game

                                                  - Spidey from the 1994 cartoon

                                                  - Spidey from SMSD Amazing universe

More adult Parker and bulkier there have been to many young Spidey origin stories.

The classic Spidey, the muscular, a bit older look RULES!!!

And the Amazing original costume for me is the best so I really, really hope they will add this costume and not the totally stupid costumes like bag man, arachno-man,...

Heck I would be happy if they put only this costume and maybe Parker, because I would always play with the ORIGINAL amazing spider-man

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The black suit might be one of the alternate costumes. Why? It's due to the fact that the Amazing Spider-Man games will not include none of the happenings from the movies. The games are stand alone now. Which most likely the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game will be like the 1st one.( takes place after movie kind of thing)

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Yet they wont take away content from the movie. I'm pretty sure Sony would not be ok with them using the black suit before they used it in the movie.

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I don't think they'd let it be featured as a main storyline outfit, but the costume is a fan favorite and part of the comics. So as a generic skin, they'd probably allow it. Also, Marvel probably won't be making any comic book based spidey games now that the movies are a go.

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i hope so i would like a white primary costume color with black as the webbing design color i would definetly buy dlc for this game if they had any

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Check the blog. Hero HQ will be covering costumes this week! They start of with the default movie suit and unveiled that you can get rid of the belt once you reach your apartment.

Another post coming this afternoon (could be a costume or something else!):

Okay, that was an easy one, but we've got something a bit... Different... Coming up this afternoon.

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Can you please upload here the photos of the blog post links please ? I don't know why, but when i click on one of the 2 links, it says me : forbidden, you don't have the permission ...

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Cant see them either. Hope they fix it soon.

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I was just thinking that wouldn't it be cool if the belt was removable. I like how they added that but it's nice to know you don't have to wear it.

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the black suit should look like this


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