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Alternate Costumes


I liked the tendrils in wos too, but like you said in this game it would be overkill. The invisiblilty would be nice to see for the unlimited costume especially considering that they are taking are more stealthy approach to gameplay now.

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Havent you guys watched that recent interview? Beenox devs pretty much confirmed that they will be releasing (a lot) of DLC that add new content, both free and paid ones that contain more than the free ones.

Sounds like a lot of new suits and missions/challenges to me.

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can you post a link?

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A six armed spiderman would make a good costume or dlc.


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There you go (5:33 they talk about DLC). You can also see Spidey breathing in the background

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Wow, thanks TimFL274, I haven't seen that video yet. Spidey and Manhatten looks amazing in the background, almost movie quality graphics. Sweet!

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If you'd like to get an even better view of the graphics, all the currently released videos are available in high definition on our YouTube page.

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I would love to see Alex Ross Spider-man as an alternate costume its my favorite of all time if you guys wonder how it looks like here is a picture.

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I would love to see a way to customize our own costumes (kinda)! I would love to be able to unlock many of the costumes listed above but as blueprints and then unlock usable colors and textures. This would allow us to change the color schemes of our favorite costumes and give us even more unlocks that we would be looking forward to. Most costumes consist of 2 main colors with sometimes a third for web-lines and logo. I think if we could change around the colors, textures and maybe swap around spider logos it would add alot to the game and make it that much more immersive.

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Personally I'd like for the costumes to be customized the same way Spiderman 2 Enter Electro did it. By letting us take their powers and combining them in any of the costumes we like.

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