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Amazing Spider-Man Dlc



ive just beaten the game and ive noticed 2 things. 1. web rush is not as easy as it looks in the commercals 2. they used a phone for the menu. so here's 2. things im thinking 1. make an in-game dlc store that works like an app store. and 2.  make a gps app. the gps app would work like this. u go on to the map activate gps, then select where u want to go. the gps make a path in game that looks like a trail of webs. then web rush the start point. it would then activate a quick time sequence that allows u to move through the city faster. but waht if u run into a sniper or happen to webrush next or into a crime. then gps would then give u 3 options ethier web rush past it, stealth the enemy, or jump straight into battle, just by pressing a button. then would add a ton of new chances to use Spider-man's powers like never before. a concept web rush added when the game was lanched. i think this dlc would lanch spider-man's web rush ability to new heights. so what do u guys think? should it be done?

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Registered: ‎05-05-2012
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