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Beenox just doesn't care.


So, I was looking forward to the Amazing Spider-Man as soon as it was announced, but apparantly it doesn't even work with AMD cards. At all.

The PC version has been out for some time, but I was waiting for it to be released on steam. I bought the game only to find it is a broken mess and Beenox has not bothered to address the issue for the months that it has been out. Thank you, for the biggest dissapointment of the year! (If there will be an update, let me know, and I will change my opinion)

At least state the issue in the description of the game on steam, to stop anyone unfortunate enough to own an AMD card from buying it. Thats if you even listen anymore.

(If I seem a bit harsh, you have to understand my frustration. I have been waiting a long time for this)

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Change "PC version" with "PS3 version" and "The Amazing Spider-Man" with "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and I agree with every single word you say. The PS3 version of Skyrim is a mess since 11/11/11.

Back to the topic:

At least the guys from Beenox are listening to their customers. I'm sure they are working on that problem. I mean at least they have to if they ever want to sell their DLCs for PC.

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I can guarantee you right now that Skyrim and this game will never get "fixed", only get more tolerable.

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yea too bad for users with amd cards, i hope they will fix it. However i'm not experiencing any problems with game i use 2x GTX 280M SLI , oh and for those with SLI if its not working with this game you will have to force alternate rendering 2 in control panel and there will be huge performance improvement.

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