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Chapter 13 Loading problems? (Xbox 360)


After the end credits roll, the game screen goes onto the Chapter 13 loading screen, appears to be loading, but doesnt go any further. Ive tried installing the game but still no luck. Anyone else have this problem, or know how to fix it?

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Registered: ‎25-06-2012
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The guy in the topic web_head linked found the solution to this:

It is something that punishes everyone that unlocked the suits with the date change trick. In order to fix it you have to disconnect from live, change the date back to e.g. december and load the game. Make sure you save after it is loaded and it is fixed.

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I have the same problem as you, but i did not need to change the dates as i'm using xbox, do you know what i could do? I did unlock the suits though

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Same problem. Using the Big Time suit. No amount of date changing, removing the Xbox hard drive, moving the save to a USB drive, clearing system cache, playing offline, or fairy dust has helped. Hope a patch can help.


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I've recently discovered to my disappointment that I also have this problem. Little did I realize that all of the costumes had already been officially released at this point, I just started the game 3 days ago. I made it 75% through before I even saw a spider logo, and even then after checking a video on how to find them. Unfortunately that video also said that the system date on your Xbox needed to be set to December. Now, because I changed The date on the console I OWN, the developer saw fit to deny me the option to free roam after beating the copy of the game that I ALSO OWN!

These sorts of business practices are annoying at the least, and in some cases, like mine, can completely ruin what would have otherwise been an enjoyable experience. I really enjoyed the first 99% of this game, but the 1% the devs have chosen to deny me, for no good reason it seems, has tainted the rest completely.

Devs, I implore you! Please, tear down this wall! Allow us to have our cake and eat it as well! Most of all, allow us to continue to give you our money, which we will certainly do, if you would but listen to our pleas for Great Justice! However, should you continue to hide under your bottom line, continue trolling your lines for our nickels and dimes, soon we shall become familiar with your bait, and when your next game comes, say "nah, we're great."

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You probably have to start over. This has been requested since the game came out and no patch to "remove this cheater block" yet. You dont miss out on much anyways, it gets boring fast with absolutely nothing to do but swing...

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