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Dear Activision


[This is an open letter to Activision and any developer team they pick. Open, because I'd like other fans to weigh in, so that the devs and Activision can see how the fans, as a whole, feel. I'm not talking to the fans, so I'm going to try not to get into any debates or arguments. So I'll be speaking for myself--not in general--because I can't say that I know what everyone wants]

There are procedures and "politics" that we, the fans don't know about. That is true of any job, the workers, and the outside world. And at the end of the day, regardless of what some fans think, this is a job and not a walk in the park for you. You have deadlines and you have all sorts of quotas to meet about specific aspects of the game. Many of you got into this because you like video games, but that does not mean you're a fan of Spider-Man, specifically.

I am a fan. I have invested interest in your work because I will be buying your product if I find it interesting. I think we could all agree, this is true of most fans.

My concern--and again, this can be seen in any of my previous threads--is the quality of the game. I would like a game that feels like a good game overall good Spider-Man game, overall.  I don't care how much it ties in to the film or how far it strays, as long as it's a good game first. There are so many alternate universes and "big events" comics out there, that I've become used to new elements and stories being thrown into the mix. My point is simply that if it's a solid Spider-Man game, then you will have met 50% of what fans are looking for.

I have made thread, after thread, after thread, suggesting what would make for a great Spider-Man game. And it's not as if I spoke alone. Many of the fans joined in to say their opinions and speak for themselves. In the PP and Random Crime pettition 100+ fans came together to say "Yes, we want them to add a Comic Red/Blue suit, Peter Parker skin and to update the game so that there are random crimes (with no limit)".

The Amazing Spider-Man game was not a bad one. It, collectively, received higher scores than your recent Deadpool game. That game had absolutely no replay value. And I think the disconnect in making a super hero game comes from so many fans wanting so many differe, specific things. What I want, and as I've said severak times now that others may disagree, is just a Spider-Man game that I will not only WANT to play one year later, but will have things to keep it interesting. Replay value is the ultimate thing to achieve.

I've suggested an idea across these boards that could make the game work. Whatever the control scheme. Whatever the graphics style. I called it "Random Villain Encounters". It was an idea that just like random crime, top billed villains (boss fights, if you will), will appear randomly throughout the open world map (with no limit or end). I think this feature would allow for almost endless replay value. If you couple that with the features from the pettition: Clasic comics red/blue, Peter Parker skin/model, and random crimes with no limit, you would have (fundamentally) great gameplay.

When it comes to a video game, less is not more. More is more. The "Batman: Arkham" series is great because there are challenge maps, alternate characters to play as, items to unlock, costumes, and in the next game multiplayer will be added. Each game upgrades the previous features from the last game. I think you should consider that, Activision. Don't give us less features or start us over. Just add to what's there.

ASM2 comes out next year. So, if there's going to be a tie-in game, you're already working on it. That is why it is so imperative to say something now, rather than to wait until the game is completed to state opinions. Please listen to your fans. Add in the things that we have all collectively asked for. We disagree about the smaller things but overall, we just want a game with tremendous replay value. And not through tedious things like "collecting" items, but through actual substance.

A "Venom" challenge map. I read someone once suggested to bring back a return of different alternate costumes/suits having powers. A return of Chang's missions or Bugle missions...These are examples. I think we all want to feel like it's a "Spider-Man Christmas", in the sense of getting so much substance in the game, that the only things we could ask for would be things to put in a sequel.

I haven't really gone into the story because I realize that if Marvel/Sony have comissioned a movie tie-in game, (and chances are that they have) that the game would loosely follow the story of the movie. As I said, you did a fantastic job with the last tie-in. So I trust that you'll be able to handle the story. Just make it so that we will still have interesting or fun things to find a week after beating the game.


Activision, have you or your developers considered releasing DLC boss fights or Stand-Alone story chapters? That is, a chapter unrelated to the game's narrative or missions, that allows players to do more things? For example: a Classic Hobgoblin side story involving him and The Kingpin. And buying the DLC would include Hobgoblin as one of the Random Villain Encounters.

Things like that would easily increase replay value.

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Pretty sure Beenox is already working on ASM2. I mean there's always been a tie-in game for the Spider-Man movies and they are very active on twitter/FB retweeting ASM2 Movie news (Not to mention they are taking the time replying to most tweets asking for ASM2 saying "we are not ready talking about future projects yet"). I just hope they release it for the next gen consoles, that would mean we'd get way more content due to the increased amount of RAM available.

In regards to your post, I fully agree. But lets not get our hopes up high, I really doubt they listen to us but I'd be pleasantly surprised if they do.

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Dear Activision and Beenox,

This may be early, but I'd like to say thank you so far. I've made various suggestions for the game and even a proposal utilizing Kraven. It seems that many of my suggestions were listened to or tweaked to be properly applied to this game. It seems that you guys really listened to the fans.

I am very excited and what we've seen looks amazing. We've got the classic suit and Peter Parker!! That was something the petition was made about and you did it! You gave it to us! We also asked for A-list villains, and the first two you announced were Karven and Electro. Fans also asked for a larger and more detailed New York and that to seems to have been given.

I think of the more discussed features that fans requested, all that's left is:

Infinite Random Crimes

Random Boss Encounters

Auto-Day/Night Cycle

If these 3 things are in the game, then you guys truly listened to fans!

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Nice text!!

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