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Important suggestion about next spidey games & humble request to Marvel,Beenox,Activision & Treyarch!



ur answers helped me so much ,i m now able to realise all the facts in making a huge game like i said.
- i only asked those marvel characters who interact with spidey in comics and cartoons
- web rush is really amazing but this makes spidey look like he is flying in a specific and hard posture without  flexibility etc, but still i like this feature

- in web of shadows,there r aerial and wall combats too, so this asm game is really amazing in combat system but there is a lack of wall fighting, i suggest u too see that Spidergamer2012 has given such great suggestions and achieveable suggestions that this has really made me happy. please consider these.
- thanks alot for ur massive and informative help,covering all my points.
- thanks for Stan Lee's contact. thanks alot 4 ur offer to contact u again  for further questions.

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  • Real Time Events
  • Multiple Counters like in Batman Arkham City
  • You can get alot of Ideas from Spectacular Spiderman
  • Diferent Weather
  • Playing as Peter Parker Different from other games
  • More Realistic New york
  • Swimminig the water
  • Spider man wouldnt Repeat himself like he did in past games
  • More Bosses
  • Use of Spider Strength
  • Stats to see how many ppl you saved or defeated
  • Interacting with enviroment in new way
  • When talking on the phone he holds it up to his ear
  • Use of Spider tracers to track down criminals
  • Spider sense would tell you when you are needed around the city
  • DLC Packs
  • More Collectibles
  • Able to control your speed (Web slinging, wall crawling, running)
  • Better Physics for Web slinging
  • Running into Other Heroes
  • Able to launch yourself higher to get to higher like In The Amazing Spider Man  where he launches himself
  • Colateral Damage( Leaving Craters in the ground, Explosions,Cars stuck in buildings, wholes in the buildings,etc)
  • Web Slinging would be like the movies and cartoons
  • More Combat moves
  • More Acrobatic moves
  • More Upgrades
  • More Web Rush moves
  • More Stealth Takedowns
  • More Web Slinging moves
  • If shot spidey would hold on to his would and later he would web the wound shut and it depends on witch place they got you if shot in the leg he limps shot in the arm he holds his arm. When done with mission you are healed
  • Webs wont dissapear when you web slinging
  • Able to see ppl through windows of buildings


  • Interacts with enviroment
  • Add kids playing around in the city
  • Rescue Missions having to save civilians from ranndom things( Houses on fire, Burning Cars , Saving a person who fell off a building,etc)
  • Different Varieties of ppl( Skaters,Celebs,Bums,Street Performers,Couples , Family members ,etc) doing differnt things( smoking, Eating,jogging, playing sports ,riding a bike, shopping,selling things,dancing ,etc)
  • Civilans would wear different things instead of wearing the same thing
  • Having to Save ppl during boss battles


  • Some would try to take of your mask
  • Hostage Takeovers
  • Random Boss Encounters
  • Better Fighting scheme
  • Harder Boss Battles
  • Able to fight 2 Bosses at the same time
  • They can throw you threw and at different objects
  • Enemies are able to damage web shooters
  • Side Missions with Boss Battles
  • Different weapons
  • More Aware
  • Different Gangs
  • Gang fights
  • Most Wanted List and you would have to look for those criminals all over the city
  • More Enemies to encounter
  • Follow police officers to different crimes around the city
  • Riots


  • More Alternate Costumes
  • Suit customation
  • Dirt and Blood stains would show up
  • More Costume damage (Mask ripping that shows his mouth and eyes)
  • When sun hits the suit the webs and spider would shine


  • Longer  and Harder Levels
  • DLC Missions
  • Feels like Forever to beat the game
  • More Side Missions
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wow, sooooooooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to read ur suggestion, this izzzzzzzzzzzz the bessstttttt suggestion i have ever read, u even mentioned more than my points and views. ur ideas r amazing for spider-man's next games, i m so happy at all ur points that all points r equaly interesting for me and i cant name any point as better than another one of ur point, all i can say is that all ur points r amazing and achievable. i still want to appreciate ur word more but i m not having words to explain them, i have even saved ur points by copying and pasting them in notepad for future reference! :-) and yess u mentioned setting traps for ur enemies and i add that when anyone gets trapped in them, there should b anotification and a cinematic saved in the trap-video section in pause menu

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Thanks for this type of video game forum honor I'm just a REALLY huge fan of Spider Man and i just thought i should share a few ideas i had lurking around in my head ,I'm glad that you liked my suggestions that much .  I really hope BEENOX and Marvel take my suggestions and put them in the next Spidey Game. I liked your ideas too and a trap video section in the pause menu is a good idea also.            THE BEST SPIDER MAN GAME IS ON ITS WAY.

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That should be Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the next gen consoles (the new Xbox is apparently going to be revealed early 2013). Please no comic style game, I like realistic graphics + gameplay. I dont get why everyone wants the damn unrealistic comic web swinging, I would rather go for a realistic physic based movie swinging system.

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Same Here

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i like the movie style swinging for movie based games only but i also like the cartoon swinging with some physics-based reality added to it. and i alos like the comic and cartoon stories being showed in hi-definition video cinematics!

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Man this things you listed here will be awesome but many of them are not in any other game we know. Sorry but it is impossible to do all these things on this generation consoles a mean X360 an d PS3 will never handle this. Pretty good PC will handle it i think but developers are working mainly on consoles so i don't think we will ever see this things in games ever.

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Setting Traps for your enemies

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yesssssssssss yesssssssssss yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! hahahhaha i m really over-excited with answers of people like u! i m really more happy than anything happy in this world after seeing interesting and helpful answers of u u and NewsLad

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