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Important suggestion about next spidey games & humble request to Marvel,Beenox,Activision & Treyarch!



The first person view is the best about the web rush mode.

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when i think about it is probablly the best part of web rush

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man you got there some awesome but ive got some ideas to


  • much more side missions and if you beat the game 100% you can reply those sidemissions

  • side missions like saving people from burning houses and bank robbery's

  • not just missions with oscorp more levels with bank robbery's and vilians from the comics(the story goes to much about the movie i want more vilians from the comics)
  • much more levels like in gta 4
  • i want missions like spiderman 1 the movie game on the ps2 with missions like bank robberys with bosses and then 5\6 levels about the story(they should make the game like the movie)
  • and in the game if you chase a car you have only one way to eliminate the car i want every time another way to eliminate the car.


  • the spider emblem on the chest is really ugly its too black and striked that make the suit really ugly i want it light and thin like in the movie
  • if you have a hd tv you can see the dots from the structure of spideys suit that is ugly too i want it sleek like if you the suit in the warderobe you see it very nice and sleek
  • if you are playing in the dark and sunset you see the spidey suit in black and red the suit has supposed to be  just blue and red only if you play in the dark or something you it in dark blue and red


  • able to go to the statue of liberty
  • the city must be much bigger
  • better graphics
  • rushour traffic and beeping cars
  • times square much more bilboards


  • i want the noise from the web like in the movie
  • and the color of the web must grey


  • you can adjust the camera from your webslinging,running jumping


  • you can walk on the streets with peter parker and if you see a crime you can change in a ally to spiderman


  • subways with trains and outside are trains
  • cutscenes like in edge of time
  • if you cleared a photomission you go after the villian

and you'r ideas to

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