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Most wanted feature?


What's your must-have feature for The Amazing Spider-Man?

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I would like to see all the bonus/alternate costumes from shattered dimensions and edge of time to be implimented into this game. Any chance of seeing that?

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You're in luck! Dee Brown just announced via twitter that there will be alternate costumes, but have been redesigned to fit the realistic approach the film is carrying.

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I don't think the Symbiote costume would be in there, because in the movie, he hasn't gotten there yet. They wouldn't put in the costume if it's in future "The Amazing Spider-Man" movies. In Spider-man for the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox the costume wasn't in there. They could put costumes like Cosmic Spider man and Ben Reilly and Scarlett Spidey though.

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the black suit got announced the other day as an alternate costume.

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I'd like to have some camera missions like in Spiderman 2&3 and the return of the Spiderman Unlimited costume.

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I hope random crimes will be more interesting in the new game. What I'd love to see are some sort of, let's call them 'Chain Missions'.

For example, a random crime could start out as a Bank robbery. You stop it, but a number of thugs managed to escape. So the Mission continues with a car chase. Failing to stop them, the thugs could barricade themselves inside a building, with civilians inside. So now it turns into a Hostage situation. Now you have to try and find a way inside the building, and take out the thugs silently.

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While it might not exactly be a feature exactly, what I want the most from the game is to have some fun boss fights.  That's one of the things that made Shattered Dimensions good.  It had some real good boss battles, which is really important in any Spider-Man game, or any super hero game.  That's kinda the point of the game, to have battles between super heroes and super villains.

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Web swinging mechanics and choices (choosing type of swinging) much like what was featured in Spider-Man 2

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