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Most wanted feature?



The developers confirmed that it would have a combat style like the Batman Arkham games months ago.

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my boy Hip Hop Gamer did an interview with Dee Brown, even HHG asked if there'll be co-op:/

*more in-depth game acknowledge about gamers and stuff like Syndicate did or previous Spiderman games did

*more camoes and references

that's it for now, will accept what Beenox throws in for the game

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Can't wait for the Web Rush.

I want Easter Eggs. Remember the Vulture one in Spder-Man 2: The Game?

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I want there to be clouds in the sky, what i mean is like when you go to the highest skyscraper in the city, you are just above the clouds or something similar. Also i want to have alot of interaction with spidey's bedroom, so like he can go to sleep, interact with the posters on his wall etc. Another thing is to have to choose like what to say to citizens in the street or having to choose whether to be good or bad like in WoS, and this choice will have consequences further in the game. i absolutely hated WoS, it was the worst spiderman game ever!

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I like Spiderman Web of Shadows, and it is far from being the worst Spiderman game ever. Closest one I can think of is the Amazing Spiderman for the gameboy.

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I have always wanted to have random encounters with supervillains - or incorporate the villains into the open world somehow. For instance, I think the Chameleon would make a great villain in the open world - swinging around using spidey sense to check people out, following clues, etc...Also, it ould be wicked to be hunted, play a game of cat and mouse, by Kraven throughout Manhatten.

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I like to have other costumes and be able to play as black-cat in some way

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I think some good features would be: Level select(once the game is beaten), Alt costumes(gallery mode), Sandbox mode(just rome around and stop crime)and a new fresh combat system.

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I would love to free rome it's just awesome

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It is already confirmed that you will be able to free roam once you've completed the story (you can even select day/night).

What I really would like to see (most of them are already mentioned here, will mention them again anyways):

  • A lot of indoor maps/interiors (Oscorp HQ, Highschool?) you can enter at any time
  • New Game + (like mentioned above)
  • A level select would be cool too (sometimes a Mission is so awesome that I would like to replay it)
  • Definitely Easter Eggs like the SM2 Vulture one
  • Gwen missions (meet her, go out with her and so on) but please not that repetitive
  • Maybe let Peter have a sidejob as Photographer for the Daily Bugle (now that you have a Camera)
  • Hopefully a lot of random crimes that arent that repetitive (maybe divide them into smaller crimes like a few idiots fighting and bigger ones such as a bank robbery). I also hope we wont get spammed with crimes (sure they could happen at the same time, but I also want to enjoy swinging around without having to stop a crime behind every corner).
  • I know there wont be a Peter Parker mode but please consider adding it later on as DLC (I really want a game where I can play as parker too, even if it's only inside a certain interior like the Highschool). I would pay any price for it.
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