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Most wanted feature?


Why would you want to play Spider Girl? They're not going to hire female voice actress. And hearing a man's voice coming out of woman is just sick. And they already confirmed Bruce Campbell is in the game.

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a good spider man game and fun gameplay that dont have to many glitches is all i really want

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just awesome gameplay more then one costume and black-cat to be playable

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I just want these things and they ca take my money:


- AMAZING SPIDER-MAN COSTUME(from shattered dimensions)

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I would like to see the gamer being able to replay Boss fights because they're always fun.

-game +

-replayable missions


-DLC missions

-Power Ups

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Most wanted feature?

Something I suggested back before WOS came out: Random Villain Encounters.

By that I mean to say that it would be great if certain villains were not only story based fights, but actually lurk the city and appear randomly on your radar. Like Boomerang and Shocker in Ultimate Spider-Man.

For Example: You're swinging around the city just doing whatever you want. All of a sudden a blurp appears on the screen of a crime happening randomly on a rooftop of some building. You go there and, it's Black Cat!! She's trying to break in or something dastardly! You have to have a rooftop battle with her!

Or maybe you're chasing people around or whatever and down the street you notice cars are being tossed around! You go to investigate and it's Rhino!!

Things like that would give the game almost infinite replay value because you can always expect to see famous/popular villains even after you've beaten the game.

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Pretty much this. This is one fact why I like playind DC Universe Online (I know, DC, go kill me). It has "Wanted" missions where villains pop up at certain places. Well they always pop up at the same spot but it's still fun to fly by and find some villain running around/fighting others.

If a Spider-Man game had this with e.g. Iguana or Scorpion it would surely rock. Just imagine swinging through the streets when you suddenly see Rhino running through a street destroying cars and people running away.

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That's how one would most feel like they're immersed within this world. For creative players, they could even create stories within their own mind for the random encounters. Like if I were playing a Black Cat story mission, then I finish her arc (most likely with her being arrested) and move on to robots, but later find her breaking in somewhere then there's this whole implied story of her breaking out of prison. Those sort of things are great to have in the game.

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My "Most Wanted Feature" is to have Wolverine as a character for back-up, like in Web of Shadows!

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I want random crimes. I just read from Siliconera that all the side missions and such are started from a specific point, and aren't random. I'm hoping that they're wrong, that or there's a new game plus, because I want to go back to the game once I'm done, not waste $60 on a game I'll only play once.

EDIT: Just remembered that you can revisit levels. I feel stupid now.

EDIT 2: Watched a dev diary that confirmed that there are random petty crimes at all times. I'm happy that Siliconera was wrong.

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