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Most wanted feature?


Beenox never replied to the questions about a New Game + mode at all. So I'm guessing it's not in there. All well. I guess I'll buy this game when it hits the bargain bin. I only purchase games day of release, only if they have a NG+ feature.

I can't see myself putting 30 hours into this game, collecting all the comic books and purchasing all the upgrades just to have everything I've worked so hard for to be taken away if I desire to replay the game over again.

To me, that is not worth paying full price for.

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I would like the streets to be packed with pedestrians and cars. In previous game the streets were deserted and the cars went like 2mph in a car chase! In this one i have already seen that cars go fast in car chases so woohooo! and ordinary cars just driving by actually speed away when there is bad guys and stuff there. Also when one of them robot things makes a bubble explosion thing, the cars actually fly through the air. ITS INSANE! as long as the pedestrians population and cars etc are more than the previous games then i will be happy

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Dee already said that they didnt focus on peds/cars but on Spider-Man himself. In this game you are able to travel faster than in previous games and thus they had to focus on the streaming in of buildings (textures, collisions and so on) more than on peds or cars on the street. If they wanted to include more peds/cars then they would have to slow down the speed of Spider-Man so they can stream in more peds. But he also said you wont be lurking around the street level that much anyways, because lets face it, you are Spider-Man. You either swing around or jump from rooftop to rooftop.

I played all open-world Spider-Man games and I've never paid that much attention to the roads and peds.

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I'd like to play as Black Cat, and not in a timed mission thing like Rhino, I mean more like Catwoman from Arkham City. She could get battle damage like Spider-Man and have to go to her penthouse to get new threads.

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lmao...Yeah, bro? Sure you don't want a dress-up mini-game? Haha...I feel like some of you might want to buy the PC version.

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I want a thrilling feeling while web swinging. It won't matter much to see whether the web attach to the building or not, but to me, I want this whole going-through-the-city process to be thrilling. Really feel like in real immerse city. AND to have this feeling, I think they should add this concept that spiderman will die or injured falling from height. If you aren't going to be in injured falling from height, the thrilling ride of web swinging would be nothing since you know nothing would happen to you even if the web slips through your grip. I want them to have this height awareness. If they add this feature, that would be awesome to feel as spiderman to swing though the city while looking down and feel the danger of the fall.

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I just want the company to listen. To make this game put its replay value to the fullest. Let`s talk postgame. Alot of people after the game want level select. They can choose the missons and even the boss levels. Alot of people want new game++. I know this is late notice but put both in, then your game will have, like the best replay value.

When they beat the game you can either level select on your contiunued save. Or if you press new game, you start new but with everything you had before

. But don`t let us watch the credits twice like web of shadows. Level select would be a more logical choice. Also, I would like a gallery. Long post over.

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Galleries are always great, but I like when they make use of the actual map and let you watch movies at your apartment, but also at movie theaters. Or like have different things available at different places. Gives you motivation to go to specific areas of the map.

Take Saints Row for instance and their "cribs"..

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I'm replying to what you said about WoS. You do have to watch the credits twice before you can start "New Game +", but remember, Beenox did not develope WoS, so I'm sure they won't make you do such an annoying thing

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Yeah but basically all I want is like a level/boss select at the end of the game.

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