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Most wanted feature?


Well first off although I am glad to see the evolution of gameplay and design of the character.  A few things I think is in order to be the best spider-man game don't forget what past spider-man games did right and that fans like.  For instance.  I would like to actually have a regular Peter Parker look if possible, I would also like to see dlc costume such as the Iron Spider costume, Silver Armor Spider suit, the Ben Reily/ original scarlet spider costume, possibly the cartoon spider-man from the 90's animated series even that classic black suit.  Other things I'd enjoy is seeing from the Spider-man 2 being able to web criminals to light poles and walls that police come grab.  It would be fun if crime is not limited although I'm thankful that we no longer need to grab ballons for children.  I did enjoy punching the roofs of cars and then having to fight the criminals after the chase.  I mean in a realistic setting more realistic crimes should take place bank robberys, Car jackings, police standoffs, Another I apologize but it's really annoying that webs do not need to stick to buildings as it had in spider-man 2. Another thing that would be great is increases or abilities such as black suit increase strength, health and symbiote powers, negative zone becomes invisible with shadows, etc  In all these are things only to improve a already great game and once again the new features are great but to make a truely awesome spider-man game means not just bringing in new things but not forgetting what other previous games had accomplished

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As I mentioned in the "alternate costume" thread I would like to have a Peter Parker costume pack that includes different movie and animated Peter Parkers. And I want the 70s Live Action Spider-Man costume.

But for me the most important feature is unlimited side missions in the city. I needed 18h for 100% and I remember playing Spider-Man 2 for at least 80h because I couldn't stop playing city crimes. The Amazing Spider-Man is getting boring, Spider-Man 2 isn't.

And about the webswinging mechanic: I can live with it. The whole structure of the city and the robot boss fights aren't designed for realistic webswinging. But I would also prefer realistic "Spider-Man 2 like" webswinging in " The Amazing Spider-Man 2".

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replay value.

once this is platinumed, there is absolutely no other reason to play it,  its not hard to do either.

you pay full msrp for a game that can easily be platinumed in a week, & youre left with web swinging & being able to change the time of day. awesome.

a blindfolded chimp could do all there is to do in ten days. (not literally but figuratively)


they need to start making games "hard" again. that goes for everyone.

screw these autosaves that hold your hand every ten seconds. the web shooters automatically aim, with no option to toggle it on or off.

i want ninja gaiden 2-like difficulty, bosses that can crush you in an instant, & actual web swinging that you can control all aspects of.

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hehe...well,bud...not all of us are as good as I'll just wish for at least challenging if that's all right..

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Random Boss Encounters

After a villain's story is completed they will appear inside the game's city, at random, committing crimes. They will have a life bar, but fight in a normal capacity. That is to say that if, for example, in the story-mode: Hobgoblin uses a device to make himself invulnerable to normal attacks, and part of the story-mode gameplay is you have to attack the device? Well, in the RBE, there would be no such device.

This would allow the villains to appear anywhere on the map and would not require a specific type of "stage" in order to have the battle.


I think that it would be cool to see a return of the WOS-styled summons. Activision has the rights to Deadpool right now, so that could be a very cool DLC summon. Maybe Nova or White Tiger as a reference to the television show? Or Agent Coulson, to also reference the USM television show, but also tie the movie in with the Avengers movies?

Random Cameos

I'd like to see a return of Black Cat, Whitney Chang and the ability from the first game to talk to characters. Even if certain characters are only there as a cameo. Like maybe Black Cat doesn't have a story in this game, but she could appear as one of the RBE villains, and then afterward, you can randomly run into her on rooftop and talk.

In other words, a random cameo would be that while you're exploring the city, sometimes you'll see "ally" characters on a rooftop, behind a building, on the docks, or in an ally or something. It would make exploring much more interesting and also imply that the game world has more things happening in it, than what spider-man is doing.

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