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in reply to Darkknight95

Ultimate Spider-Man to Rhino (USM Game):

"Juuuuumanji !!!"

Spider-Man (The New Animated Series) to crooks stealing diamonds with a vacuum cleaner:

"Hey can you vacuum my apartment when you're done here?"

Spider-Man (The New Animated Series) to Kingpin:

"One word: Liposuction"

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in reply to Darkknight95

And how can i forget....Spectacular Spiderman Animated Series:

Spidey VS Rhino

Spidey throws something on Rh.....AAAAAAA

See for yourselves!!

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in reply to Darkknight95

I'd prefer if a game had brand new lines. He's said some funny stuff over the years, but they all were original unique lines. I've noticed that in recent years "retro" and "nostalgia" have, in themselves, become fads.

New and fresh is always better. "Same Old" and "Classic" is for when you've run out of ideas.

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