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Requests For the Devs


What I want is a more spider man combat system. This one is fantastic but feels too much like a batman system. Keep the freeflow but add animations and options to kick enemies into the air and beat the up in the air or maybe if you are near a wall spidey could jump at the wall and then bounce off it for a stronger punch. The web bullets need to be freeflow in thier own way. If the enemy I am webbing up is done I want my webs to go to the next person I do not want to have to pause. Make this more automatic instead of web swinging. The web grab needs it's own button. It takes to much time to hold B in a group and also I do not want to have to imput a direction. If I press X spidey goes to an enemy if I do not point in that direction why can't the web grab just do the same thing. Another thing is the camera durimg combat. It was bot brocken or anything but it should always have the person you are attacking in the screen. I do like this game but to me it feels like it is trying to be batman in a movie game. The last piece of critism is about the web rush. I feel like I had more control and could pull off cooler moves in WoS. The city in that game felt like a playground while this one felt like it was put in because it had to be. All the interactions in the city had ti be done using web rush which was underwhelming. It should be transformed into a trick move button where if you press it and you get to your destination and then hold it at that point spidey starts doing tricks around the area and you control it using the directional pad. It could ve used in combat to dance around enemies and spidey could get off a one liner. More non web rush options for interacting with the city is the big thing though.

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web shooting in combat does feel a little weird. the hint says release it to switch targets, but i can never seem to switch targets smoothly, in between button presses. it just kinda fires wherever it feels like.

also, the freeflow in this compared to batman  aa/ac... its hard to tell with spidey when one attack starts, and another ones ends, making it tricky to tell if youre freeflowing, or the combo is broken.

batman, you can tell because the freeflow hits are emphisized, both with the combo counter indicator, and the rumble in the controller, and the impact sounds like it hurts more than normal attacks.

not quite the same in this case.

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Id also like the Stan Lee DLC released to the public at some time as that was the main reason i bought the game not knowing it was a preorder bonus. Still loving the game tho! However ive done everything so i agree on wanting unlimited crimes and random boss encounter! Id also love a Peter Parker skin, as well as Bagman Spidey, Cosmic Spidey, Iron Spidey, Spiderman 2099, definitely Spiderman 2211, 'Spiders-Man', Cyber-Spider, Black Cat mask, Lawrence of Arabia Spiderman, Electro proof #2, Spider-Phoenix, Spider-Carnage, Spider-Venom, Paint Splat Boy, Flip-Side, and Blood Spider costumes! Smiley Very Happy

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These are the top 3 (web slinging doesn't count cause they already talked about that)

1.unlimited crime

2.peter parker dlc

3.random boss encounters(please not the robots from the game can you just use the cross species)These are the top by popularity. Please put them together and call it whatever you want to.

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Accurate web-slingin' and random boss encounters while slingin' around ain't gonna happen - so stop wasting space.  The way the game is now, they call it the ULTIMATE Spider-man experience.  No plans for DLC, they think the web-slingin' is great the way it is - they're done.

Use the space to push Beenox into FIXING the game.  They had 2 years to develop the game and chose to go with baby-proof web-slingin' and gameplay that doesn't last more than 3 days.  They need to fix the game by extending it.  Re-wire the programming to have continuous petty crimes, seekers and snipers.  THAT they can easily do.

Requesting to have Rhino randomly appear running across the street is asking for NEW CONTENT.  Prioritize.  I'd rather have the game be what is says on the box - "the return of free-roaming web-slinging action!"

RE-WIRE THE PROGRAMMING TO HAVE CONTINUOUS PETTY CRIMES, SEEKERS AND SNIPERS.  SUPPORT YOUR GAMES, BEENOX AND THE FANS SUPPORT YOU.  Check your pre-order sales, launch data and give the consumer what it wants - you didn't deliver at launch.  Don't let this be another "movie-game" cash-in.  I will not support future titles if you don't save THIS game.  I'm not waiting for the sequel for infinite petty crimes.

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i wouldnt call it baby proof, more like autopilot. you do make some valid points. its not horrible, but it could use some more tlc.

i think the emphasis is more on chaining web rush to get around, as opposed to web swinging.

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Here's a hammer sir because you nailed it.

Beenox, I really hope you guys are reading the posts in this thread, especially the one made by user Spiderman2thegame. The free roam in ASM is about as stale as it gets. Random crimes disappear after completion of the required amount to gain a trophy/achievement?? How absurd and lame is that! And it takes away one of the necessary elements to having a free roam game. After gaining 100% completion there's absolutely no reason to continue to play whatsoever. And bonus suits replaying the game is not a proper reason for another playthrough...sorry, but that's a fail. I give props to you Beenox on implementing a rewarding combat system, the web rush, and really fun web swinging. Now support your fans and give us the missing pieces to this game.

* Continuous random crimes, seekers, snipers, etc.

* Random boss encounters

* Additional DLC side missions

* Combat challenge maps

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I agree with Spiderman2thegame put infinite petty crimes,Seekers, and Snipers.. You'll Satisfy us Spidey fans alot... Ad by doing this you can count on us buying your next gameSmiley Happy

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It brings me tears of joy to see others who desire the same things I do :')

1. Peter Parker Skin/Costume DLC as well as other misc. skins/costumes

2. Infinite Crime

3. Random Boss Encounters

4. (If possible) At the earliest convenience, web swinging and combat tweaks

Thank you and don't forget to be awesome

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I see a lot of unlimited crime on here and I completely agree with that but I'd also like to see a new game plus option. Random crimes will get boring if that's there is left to do, and if you're like me and

Flew through the game then you'd wanna go back and get 100% for that sexy black suit!

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