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Requests For the Devs


Thanks for the vote of confidence -- the devs read all feedback (both positive and negative), so I'm sure it's appreciated!

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Something new about a possible randome crime DLC? Without it there is nearly no replay value in an otherwise great game. That was what spider-man 2 game made so amazing and this could make this ga,e just kick-ass!

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I'm still waiting for this too.

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on top of an unlimited crime/bug fix patch, it would be nice to see a DLC costume pack before xmas. i've grown very fed up with the current selection of suits cluttering up the closet. what i want to see are costumes from a more classic variety, such as:

classic red/blue

classic black

classic scarlet spider

ben reilly

i do love this game, especially the combat, but playing in a costume i really don't like makes it difficult to enjoy it.

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I'm still thinking about what if they did a game on the Superior Spider-Man

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We're not friends anymore.

Just kidding. lol I just think that a game with Peter Parker/Spider-Man with [Spoiler(if you read comics then you know)]'s mind is kind of pointless. Visually and vocally, it would be Peter. Non-comic readers would be confused and not get it. And since they share memories, it would almost entirely be pointless.

It's like doing a whole game starring Ben Reily.

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I still not sure what superior spiderman is even about, whether there's a new guy behind the mask or if it's just a title change.

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Superior is Ock's mind in Peter's body....the new suit is Ock's design,and its awesome.....(the suit...not the story...)

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Ben Reilly is dead.....if they make a game with a clone(whitch i doubt,be realistic...) it would be with Houston....AWESOME! i just thought about it! Houston,a new spider-city to navigate!!

But no....the games are also played by non comic readers...for example a friend played EoT (non comic reader) and said:"Why the @*#& is Venom white? this a racist thing??..."...,so it would star Peter Parker,witch is great,concidering the whole Superior thing going on......SHAME ON YOU SLOTT!!

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Maybe they should have the Superior Costume as a Alternate Costume

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