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Requests For the Devs


Conversations regarding requests for developers should be placed in this thread. Please note that while we may pass these suggestions on to the developers, it does not necessarily mean that they will be implemented into any patches, DLC, or potential future games.

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- More petty crimes/events after 100% completion

- More costumes with LESS black and more color, no offence but the constant black in the suits really doesn't add much variety

- Can we have the vigilante suit for xbox too? I'd love to have it, closest I could be to being Peter Parker

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Oh ok well beenox can you put unlimited crime and random boss encounters into one patch called post game. I don't want to go through all those enemeis to fight the bosses again. Thanks if you read because alot of people want this.

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from what im reading, both here & there, the two things i see requested the most are indeed unlimited crime (it never takes a holiday afterall) & spiderman 2-like web swinging mechanics.

not necessarily the cosmetic webs sticking (would be nice) but the actual physics, like if your web is attached to a flagpole, spidey can only swing around that particular flagpole; until he releases the web.

you cannot play as all?  idk, to me, super hero games are even better when you get to play as their alter egos; at least a little bit anyway, even if its just snapping pictures for the bugle.

hate to keep referencing sm2, but the game really did have alot going for it, even in comparison to today's standards/ technology.

offtopic: gonna take the test run with the game in a few minutes, i dont have a problem beating up as many badguys as i can, be them bosses or not. the only one that would really freighten me would be the lizard, especially if it were the lizard from the mcfarlene's sm; issues 1-5.

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No. I highly doubt they'd rewrite their physics engine to be like spider man 2.

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Please add in unlimited crime fighting after game completion.

Also please add a save game option and not just autosave.

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Since this is Beenox and all I know we'll be getting more suits, but I hope we get a classics pack (real classic costume, real classic symbiote costume, normal Scarlet spider, and Ben Reilly Spider-man) and a Futuristic pack (2099, End of Earth, Unlimited, Iron Spidey). Also a random pack (New Spider-man(MIles), Venom Earth X-2, Flipside, Armored spidey) And an Powerful pack (Spider carnage, Spider Phoenix, cosmic spiderman, and Venom spidey) (Venom spidey isn't in the normal comics it takes place in the Spider-girl series and it looks like venom)

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Beenox Please put unlimited crime fighting after you finish the game..... This would make the perfect Spidey Game ever... Unlimited crimes would make us feel more like Spidey because we know that hes always busy fightinh bad guys and being Spiderman was Beenox's main goal right? Also put random boss encounterssSmiley Happy

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- Peter Parker DLC/Skin (people ignore you as him)

- Gwen sidemissions (such as e.g. MJ Thrillride in SM3, maybe bring her to work/take her home?)

- Movie DLC (final fight with Lizard as a flashback mission)

General changes/Fixes wanted:

- Unlimited crimes


About Peter Parker Request:

Ever since I played SM2 I've been desperate for a feature that also lets me switch to Peter Parker. And I know it's not just me. I remember spending a lot of time in the Daily Bugle interior just to see him. It made me feel a lot more connected to the game, to be able to turn normal. I remember reading A LOT of topics about it discussing exactly this feature (they resurfaced throughout the years for almost every new upcoming open world game). When I played Ultimate Spider-Man I thought you could play as Peter Parker and immediately thought "ohgod, best game ever" (well you couldnt...).

I dont get how NO ONE has ever done this before, given you a feature where you can switch to Peter Parker (even if there is NOTHING to do). It would make that game the best Spider-Man game ever IMHO. If you add this feature or just a skin it would surely add +200% to my replay value. Because lets face it, I'm a roleplayer and I would make up the missions on my own.

Links to posts/users requesting that feature coming soon.

Links to posts wanting the PP feature:

Post from page 2 where I added the users from the posts above (there are more now that I havent added to the list!):

People that requested a Peter parker Skin (taken from the long list of posts above, not in order): NiKoulakis13 Anonproject Spider-Man- kkyleboywonder1212 Marvel_Maniac RangoMangoO12 DarkKnight95 spidermania631 CARNAGE_RAMPAGE qazlkjh101 Rei_Entri avengingman208 jason2829 JokerJinx demonfire922010 thetrueevilmajikman Ultima78 theplayer360

You see there IS A DEMAND for it. And I know that the devs dont like it because of their decision to let you experience the Parker moments in first person mode. I know they never planned it but it's really the only feature I really want. Give me that and I'm happy forever.

Thanks for taking your time (and thanks to the mods that take their time to pass this suggestions/feedback on to the devs).

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there was a skin for peter parker hoodie in ultimate spiderman if you did challenges or found comics

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