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Requests For the Devs


No, you unlock the Spider Tracer upgrade right before you do the St. Gabriel's Bank mission ( the Black Cat/Felicia Hardy fight )

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So, if the game hasn't unlocked the Spider Tracer upgrade by the time I beat the game - I'm stuck?

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im missing 3 upgrades, on both pages of them.

spider tracer being one of them.

i actually heard it ^ mentioned somewhere along playing the game, but i still dont have a mission to unlock it.

its kinda funny because for the last few days or so ive had the "upgrade notification" flashing away like mad,

in the upper left hand corner of the screen, but all i can upgrade is currently maxed out.

off topic, i think its ironic that the "questions" thread was locked; as soon as the game was released, dontcha think?

i wish there was a way to bump your post from the requests thread as well, because its the truth. we have no reason to continue to own this after 100% completion.

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So that's it?  I have to start a new game?  I'm assuming no one else has experienced issues unlocking the Spider-Tracer upgrade - so I'm to assume the game just glitched on me.  Devs, I request that you fix the issue that I just experienced.  On my final stretch to 100% - I learned the game doesn't unlock upgrades when it should - forcing the game file to be impossible to reach 100% completion.

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@web_head You gain new tech upgrades to put points into by completing Oscorp Lab missions; as denoted on your map by a flask icon.

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@web_head (and anyone else who may be wondering) - The "Ask the Devs" thread was locked when it started turning into a request thread, which is why this thread was started. We can always unlock the "ask a dev" thread, but we'd like to keep requests and questions separate.

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Well no need for that since we know most things about the game already. The only question I have is if they, by any chance, plan on having a better communication with the playerbase. Because Dee Brown hasnt said anything on his twitter page since 27th june and everyone on here is desperately waiting for a few words from the devs on how they are going to tackle the current situation with the replay value and so on. It feels like we are left alone.

//EDIT: Pardon, he posted something yesterday and didnt even know that the seekers stop appearing after you destroyed all... or what the seekers look like.

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I would like a response from Beenox soon letting me know if our requests are going to be worked on or not. I am tempted to trade in the game it was fun but lack of unlimited crimes and stuff to do in the city is making me think twice if I should keep it or not. Please Beenox reply I am trying to hold on to this game as long as I can.

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Good job hero H.Q. you answered the most obvious questions that no one gives a care about and can be answer in one second by looking online. Those answers only prove how much you don't care about the responses we right you just go and answer really stupid questions. Because you people are too stuck up  to work on dlc's or add-ons that's why you don't answer our questions. This whole message board was just one huge waste of time for everyone that commented writing their hopes and dreams. While you answer questions like does Spiderman die in water. Pathetic

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Yeah....i kinda feel like this too.....

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