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Requests For the Devs


Already told you that Sony reserved all Goblins for future sequels. The villains you saw in the game are the only villains Beenox was allowed to use. How many times do we have to tell you?

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Do you have any confirmation on this?

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Well in the movie trailer, you do see a man talking to Dr. Conners. I'm pretty sure thats Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) so if it is, than Sony will save him for the sequel movie and game.

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There was an article about it I believe on Marvel, that Beenox got a few villains they could use. Thats also part of the reason why they made Nattie. I mean it seems logic that Sony WONT allow big villains that could pop up in a possible sequel to appear in the game. It was exactly THE SAME with the previous trilogy Spider-Man games.

Example I posted a while ago:

Spider-Man 2 was supposed to feature the lizard as one of the villains (he even pops up in a trailer or teaser) but was cut later on from the game because Sony had plans for him in a future sequel. Once Spider-Man 3 was in production they allowed the lizard to be taken again because they figured they wont use him (by that time they already wanted the Vulture as villain for the 4th movie which was scratched later on due to the... story).

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Wrong. They used Nattie because before they even attempted to get the legal rights to any character. They h.......THAT is where Nattie came from.

Tim you are NOT a member of Beenox or Activision. Please stop talking as if what you say represents them. -YOU- think that they won't use the goblin just like YOU said they won't have a reboot movie version of the black costume because it's likely to be introduced in sequels or another movie.

So there is no "we" telling me anything, just you. And what you've "already told" me is insignificant. This is the condescending attitude that I've mentioned to you before. You're very knowledgeable and it's great that you follow the articles, but you don't know everything they're doing or why.

Also that's not how rights work. If you have the gaming rights to an intellectual property, you can use characters from that property. There are no legal limitations. The movies have nothing to do with the games. That should be evidenced by this game itself. It takes place after the movie. Do you think Smythe, spider slayers, Morbius, Black Cat, Scorpion, Rhino or any of these events will be referenced in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

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Yet the movie rights of Sony rule over the publisher rights of Activision. Everything they do has to be approved by Marvel/Sony.

In the IGN E3 Interview Greg asks exactly that and Dee says it's not really a gap filler but they need Sony to approve the villains and so on.


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Tim is both correct and incorrect, actually.

He's correct in that, for a video game based on a Hollywood movie, the Hollywood studio has THE final say. In this case, it's Sony Pictures (and Marvel to an extent since it's their character being used). If they did use Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, and the others from the movie, they'd have to get their permission as well to use their likenesses and voices.

This mirrors a discussion I had back during Spider-Man 3's days with a friend of mine who won the chance to go to Treyarch's HQ and play the game before anyone else did. He stated how Treyarch had to go to Sony and Raimi for pretty much everything. A gaming website website (can't remember who) also did a podcast talking about Hollywood movie games and how Sony owned Spider-Man 3's game more than Activision and Treyarch did. They used one of the Matrix games as an example and how Shiny Entertainment had to go to Warner Bros., The Wachowskis and Keanu Reeves for storyline information and Keanu's likeness.

He's incorrect in the sense that Nattie was created to replace "big" Marvel heroes as you confirmed with the Marvel Games blog post. There's also no telling if the Goblins will be used in the game, but it DOES make sense that at least the Green Goblin would be used eventually. There's no 100% confirmation on that so there's really no point in arguing that, but there's a high possibility.

It also makes sense that Beenox would be given the usage of B-List villains and heroes. Rhino, Iguana, Black Cat, and Vermin are probably not going to be put into a movie because Black Cat = Catwoman in the eyes of many movie goers and non-comic book readers. She's more suited for a game. The others just would look too silly even with the CGI used today. Hobgoblin most likely wouldn't garner any interest either so we may see him in a game.

The reason why I wanted confirmation is because that's something I personally missed while looking up information on the game as I usually do. It makes some sense, just wanted confirmation is all.

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Listen to the Community. The people want their dlc's and would pay a lot of money for it.

Don't stop development on this this game to go on to the sequel. The fans are dieing for new skins,

villains and more side missions. The people want to dress like peter parker or something a little less black, bringing the costumes from shattered dimensions would be an instant win among true fans.  Villains like Morbuis, Vulture, Negative man, hydro and sandman,have all been teased in the game. Keep developing this game make add-ons, make updates and expand the game in every direction the fans will follow and your company will makes lots of profit. I know Sony owns the right to the more popular characters so don't use them. Stick to the orginal's and bring back some villains Sony doesnt care about. You did a good job of that in this game bringing villains like iquana and vermin.

Continue the great work by bringing villains like Mysterio, Molten Man, Hammerhead and Shocker. All of which i know for sure that Sony will not deny, but the fans will love to see come back. Just go back to the original list and bring a few back, theirs tons of them out there leaving you more than enough room for more villains for a sequel. I myself would love to see a side mission pack full of new missions like bank robberies, more petty crimes and hyjacks, different indoor missions for new lesseknown villains like Goblin, Swarm, kraven the hunter and Jackal. Also if we could get another chance to fight villains like vermin and iquana that would be great for fans. Just watch the original Show or play the original video games for great ideas. Me and my group of Spiderman fans would gladly pay 20 dollars for all of this content or even half of it.

Listen to the Fans

And hear there Pleas

We want new content

And you want money

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Wow good speech and all I wanted was random boss encounters and unlimited crimes.

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WOW, dude, AMAZING speech ( pun intended, lol ) I really hope the Devs see this and pay plenty of attention to it.

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