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Spider-Man 3 not working.



I'm having a problem with a Spider-Man 3 game. After installing the game, I get the launcher on, and after clicking "play" button, absolutely nothing happens. I can repeat this how much I want, but still nothing.

Of course I've checked if I meet the requirements, I do have DirectX 11 so it's supported (the game requires DX9 or higher), and I've tried unplugging all of my USB.

I did update my graphics card drivers to the newest one, so it's not that for sure.

I did try reinstalling the game like 50 times. Didn't help too.

Does anyone have any clues what can I do? 

I've really wanted to play it, but as I said. I can't.

Please, help.

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Registered: ‎17-07-2018

Same issue over here too, really worried about this. Need help.



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Registered: ‎24-08-2018
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