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Spider-Man Game Idea


So a while back I came up with an idea for a Spider-Man game, inspired by Shattered Dimensions, but i didn't think much of it. Now However, the idea has evolved into a form that I think is ready to show off. My idea is, as i said, inspired by Shattered Dimensions, but with a big twist. Instead of Spider-Men battling Mysterio, How about a big war between Spider-Men. If you've read the comics as i have, you'll know that not everyone who called themselves Spider-Man could be considered a Hero, or even an Anti-Hero.

     The Main Story takes place in June 2012, so as not to have anything to do with Superior Spider-Man, Where Peter is enjoying a rare quiet day. That's when reality starts to break down. Spider-Man rushes into the fray, trying to figure out how this is happening, and then sees something strange. A rift in the space-time continuum allows him to see into 2099 where Miguel O'Harra is having the same problems. Using the temporal link that allowed them to commuicate in Edge of Time, They try to figure out why this is happening, after a little bit of exploration, they then are warped into a room along with Spider-Man Noir and The Current Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. There with them is Madam Web, (the same Madam Web from Shattered Dimensions) and Uatu, The Watcher, who then explains this is all his fault.

     If you read Marvel Zombies Return, then you'd know that at the end of the last Issue, The Watcher sends the Zombie Sentry from Earth Z, back to where the infection "started" to satisfy the hunger in the universe. However, This action Created a Temporal Loop that gave the Zombie Sentry an awareness as to what was going on. After going around the Loop serveral times, the awareness grows to a point at which he remembers everything that happened and used that knowlage to break out of his containment. He grabs an element from the watchers ship that will send this awareness to anyone infected. He uses it, then goes back to the universe where the infection "started" and infects the Avengers, but this time with a goal, Infect Spider-Man. (because in Marvel Zombies 2 he's the one to start a revolt that ended in the extiction of the Marvel Zombies) After a quick chase, Spider-Man is caught by Captain America, and is infected. after a few minutes he is consumed by the Hunger, and the awareness allows him to rule to Marvel Zombies.

     He then uses the Fantastic Four's Inter-Dimensional Portal to Create A Pocket Universe, and gather an Army of Evil Spider-Men, all hell-bent on Multiversal Domination! In the Game, You'd be able to take control of, not 2, not 4, but 8 Spider-Men, and try to take down Spider-Zombie and his Army. Now this is only part of my idea. A full Script is in the works but i need help. Im going to try to gather antention to this idea, as well as take idea's from fellow Spider-Man Fans. After the Script is done, then hopefully, the idea will create enought attention to get this game made. I will also be trying to gather attention by posting a video of my idea on youtube, with the current script in the description. Please post any Feedback and Idea's! I'm not looking for attention, I just want this game Made!

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Registered: ‎05-05-2012
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