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Spider-Man PS4 Patch 1.08 out, Features New Game Plus


The latest patch for Spider-Man features New Game Plus, more stickers for photo mode, new trophies, and some teases for the upcoming DLC.


Just in time for the weekend and the upcoming DLC, Insomniac releases Patch 1.08 for Marvel's Spider-Man. Announced on Sony's Twitter Account, the update to the hit game will feature the much requested New Game Plus, which allows you to take your completed save data, learn story, type my essay and lets you to replay the game with your leveled up character. Along with keeping all of the upgrades and gadget you already have, you'll be able to play with any costume you've unlocked. 


More new features include additional stickers(such as MJ emoji's and a reference to "Puddlegate") for photo mode and  new Trophies for both the main game and the upcoming DLC.

While two of the new trophies are just for beating the game on New Game Plus and the game's new hard difficulty setting, one of the other trophies for the upcoming DLC makes mention to one of the game's side-villains. The trophy, titled "Screwy", reveals that Screwball will be making another appearance and you'll have to take part in some of her challenges to get it.

The DLC will be released this Tuesday, October 23rd, and will have Spider-Man going up against Black Cat.


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