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Support for Amazing Spider-Man on PS Vita (PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING)


Support for Amazing Spider-Man on PS Vita (PLEASE ...

Hello, this is mrk1976, but I am using a temporary account, because my old account will not allow posts for some reason.

I would like to use this forum, if okay, as a center for those who would like to see the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man game on the PS Vita. I myself, and quite a few others, have expressed interest in a Vita version of the game, and frankly, I am genuinely confused as to why one has not already been announced. Activision, with their previous Spider-Man titles (especially the movie based ones), has traditionally supported all current consoles and handhelds; their Spider-Man titles have graced popular and more obscure platforms alike, from the PS1, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS3, PC, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, 3DS, and even the Nokia N-Gage. So why isn't the Vita getting a version?

I think Vita fans would especially be interested in an Amazing Spider-Man game because with the Vita's capabilities, combined with the return of free-roam, expanded movie-based storyline, and other new features soon to be revealed in the coming months, this looks like it could be a definitive Spider-Man handheld experience.

My other concern is that, if Amazing Spider-Man is not getting a Vita version, does that mean Activision has no plans to put Spider-Man titles on the Vita at all? I hope this is not a harbinger of the Vita getting no Spider-Man titles at all for the next five years (Activision has the Spider-Man license until 2017).

I would like this post to serve as a petition/show of support for Spider-Man on the Vita, but I do have a request:

Please post ONLY if you are interested in PURCHASING a Spider-Man game on the Vita. While general support is appreciated, please refrain from posts such as "I will not be getting it for Vita, but I support this post." The intent of this discussion is to show Activision the support of those who would/will buy Spider-Man games on the Vita.

Thnak you for reading.

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Re: Support for Amazing Spider-Man on PS Vita (PLE...

in reply to krmatt1976

It probably won't be, as Beenox had no experience with the console. Besides, too late now.

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Re: Support for Amazing Spider-Man on PS Vita (PLE...

in reply to krmatt1976

I would get Amazing for the Vita

(hoping it have cross-play or

can tranfur games saves so

i can keep playing)

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Re: Support for Amazing Spider-Man on PS Vita (PLE...

in reply to krmatt1976

i would love to see the game on vita and also on the oc

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