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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Suggestions and Ideas


I'm just going to list out the things I think a succesful Spidey sequel will need.


-When playing asm I felt like Spidey was swinging around a large town instead of an actual city. The new game should have a much larger map.

-The game should have a day/night cycle. However the cycle should not effect the time of day of specific levels. Also, you should be able to choose a point on the cycle after you've beaten the game.

-I think that weather would be awesome in a spidey game. It should occur randomly during the day/night cycle but you should still be able to activate it after beating the game.

-I would like to see more landmarks from the movie. The game should include peter's school and if he actually lives in the city in the next movie it should include his apartment. Oscorp tower should also look more like it did in the movie. etc

-The sound is also very important. As spidey's swinging he should hear car horns and people yelling in the streets below.


-The story should once again take place after the movie.

-Before the story is written the developers should think about cool level ideas and then build a good story to connect those ideas. I've already seen the outcome of the developers working the other way around. It ended up with almost every level takin place in oscorp or the sewers.

-cutscenes should always be in third person, even when your playing as peter parker. Also, characters should look like the actors they are played by. Gwen stacy looked nothing like emma stone and connors didn't resemble rhys ifans in a number of ways.

-If the developers can't get the movie actors to do the voices then they should at least get voice actors that have previously done spider-man.

-the game needs to better immerse the player in the game world. In the past few spiderman games I felt like I was playing as purely spiderman. Peter parker should have his own missions where maybe he goes to eavesdrop on someone where he can blend in as a normal person. There could be a mission where your playing as parker and a fight breaks lose and you need to control him to find a place to change into your costume etc. When I'm playing the game I want to feel like I'm in a city filled with real people. I want to feel like I'm playing as an actual person and not just a video game character.


-The only thing the combat really needs is more combo/finishing moves and more variety among enemys.

-Stealth gameplay needs more ways to take enemys out both quietly and loudly. It also needs better enviroments for stealth sections so you can find a place to take someone out without the whole room seeing it.

-Web rush was neat but there need to be a lot more animations so it looks more natural.

-There should be unlimited random crimes that happen in real time. There should also be plenty of variety among the crimes.

- Cooler levels. Levels that take place in indoor sections as well as outside in the city. Levels like the hunter fights and the black cat mission.


-The game needs to be fun to play. The story has to be interesting and character driven. The map has to be large and interactive. That is all I really need in a spiderman game. I hope whoever develops the next spidey game can do this and much more.

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They should also not neglect the city as a big level. How many missions did we have outside of indoor levels? Pretty sure it's a figure close to zero (only thing I can think of is the Hunter/Robot fights).

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Also Spiderman and (for example) Lizard were the same size!! the movie Pete was a lot "smaller" than the deal with the figure sizes.....(along with everything that being said!)

I wasnt satisfied with the ASM game.....dissapointed i can say...

Landmarks is a bit difficult concidering its gonna be a movie game...only in Ultimate we had landmarks like Midtown High...Baxter Building....even Dr.Strange House!!!.........I WANT A COMICBOOK GAME!!!

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